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True Raw Honey Quality

HoneyPapa raw wildflower honey is a Gluten-free and GMO-free raw honey product that complies with the best quality standards.


100% Natural. No Additives

The only thing we add is our branded container. HoneyPapa wildflower honey is 100% raw honey. Just as mother nature intended it to be.


24hrs Delivery Guaranteed

We deliver your honey to your doorstep within Lagos in just 24 hours after you place your order.

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HoneyPapa Raw Wildflower Honey

Raw Honey Is Your Natural Sweetener For Healthy Lifestyle

Raw honey from HoneyPapa is 100% natural wildflower honey sourced from tropical African bees (Apis Millifera) gathering nectar from a myriad of medicinal wild flowering trees, shrubs, legumes, and tropical flowers known to be very rich in curative and healing elements.

At HoneyPapa, we work with the best and most experienced tribal honey hunters in the south-eastern tropical settlements where tribal honey hunters collect the wild raw honey from Beehives located in the deep forest. HoneyPapa raw honey has deep, rich flavor and is rich in amino acids, vitamins and trace elements that heals, rejuvenates and revitalizes your body.

HoneyPapa raw wildflower honey is more robust in flavor and medicinal properties than other kinds of raw honey you see on countertops and shelves in your local stores. Our customers enjoy this hearty robust flavor and prefer to use HoneyPapa wildflower 100% raw honey in their cooking and baking, while still being a tasty sweetener in teas and everyday table use. Some of our customers in the beauty and skincare industry also use our premium quality raw wildflower honey for their skin and hair treatment products.

"Raw honey will boost your immune system, help reduce your carb intake and make you a healthier person"




Seven days Money Back Guaranty On Selected Products

To be honest, I always know what to expect from honey, but when I opened HoneyPapa raw wildflower honey and had a spoonful, I was even more surprised. I’ve tried some of the new honey brands that are even the so-called "big names”, but this tops it! I’m planning on eating this by the spoonful, I mean adding it as the topping to my pancakes and in my green teas.

Angela Bucknor

My family eats raw, unprocessed honey daily in replacement of white sugar. This is an outstanding brand that has all the good things you want and none of the negative; it tastes delicious.

Olusola Michaels

I use honey a lot in my cooking. I usually buy from my local supermarkets but I took a chance on HoneyPapa raw wildflower honey to try something new and I do not regret it! The taste was rich in natural flavor and light, a unique flavor. I ate it raw straight from the spoon and it was not overwhelming at all.

Folasade Adeniji