Pure honey can be so hard to come by. That is why we are committed to bringing the best of quality pure honey from wildflower honey bees to you. HoneyPapa Premium Quality Raw Wildflower pure honey is not the type of honey sourced from domestic honey hives where what the bees feed on is not enough to yield high nutrient enriched honey. This is because the medicinal shrubs and legumes that produce highly nutritive nectars are located in the depth of the forest where bees in domestic hives cannot access.


Our raw wildflower honey is sourced from the natural habitats of the wild honey bees in the heart of the south-eastern tropical forest, in colonies not yet discovered by 98% of honey hunters. The beehives are virgin hives with wild bees that source nectar from flowers of highly medicinal wild trees, shrubs and naturally growing legumes.

The mixture of these nectars by the wild bees makes the honey they produce a highly nutritive pure honey with very powerful health-enhancing medicinal elements. You will perceive the blend of this wonderful aroma and taste the virgin tropical blast flavor in our pure honey at the first taste of it.


Daily consumption of honeyPapa pure honey in bakes, foods, drinks, and when eaten raw will give you that lively, healthy and balanced vibe you so much desire throughout your day. You will feel your respiratory, digestive and metabolic system miraculously suited to perform at their best performance.

HoneyPapa Wildflower pure honey is not the kind of honey you see on shop shelves around town. It is a masterpiece among all the honey you might have tasted. It is a special and rare kind of honey brought directly to you from the farthest and most virgin natural beehives in the heart of the tropical south-eastern forest of Nigeria.


We are confident of its many healing and preventive properties which makes our raw wildflower pure honey highly sort after by those who desire to live a long, healthy, and active life. Its a wise choice for all baking, coronary, and dining occasion. Go ahead and place your order today for a healthy lifestyle for you, your loved ones and even your guest and customers. They will love you for it.