Natural Honey Questions

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What is the difference between HoneyPapa's natural honey and the others?

Natural honey comes in different species, the majority of which are sourced from beehives where the bees are feed with a particular type of flower, synthetic feeds and sugar cane. These kinds of honey, although are categorized as natural honey, don't possess the true richness and nutritional elements present in our raw wildflower honey. We went through the toughest challenges and scale the most dangerous wildlife obstacles to source our wildflower honey from wild bees feeding on the nectar of highly medicinal forest trees, shrubs, and legumes that are only present in the deep forest.

Is your honey truly unprocessed. How was it produced?

HoneyPapa natural honey is truly unprocessed. Our products are taken from the forest to the farmhouse barns where we strained (not filtered), locally stored (not mechanized storage), package and labeled by traditional methods (not by infrared sensors equipped machines), all in a hygiene controlled space. We are truly a small home-based company producing a truly natural and unprocessed honey which is what you really want.

Is your honey Organic and GMO free?

HoneyPapa's raw wildflower natural honey contains honey made by thousands of bees that collect nectar from thousands of naturally occurring flowering trees, shrubs, and legumes, rich in natural nutrients and highly beneficial herbal minerals, from the hearts of the south-eastern tropical forest of Nigeria.

The bee colonies are far from civilization and industrialization. The honey they produced is the purest and nearest to the one you will get from the garden of Eden. It is 100% natural and absolutely GMO-free, honey.

So, if you are looking for the best organic, GMO-free, and highly medicinal honey for your everyday use, our raw wildflower honey is the best you can get.

Is natural honey a healthier alternative than sugar?

HoneyPapa isn’t a healthcare or nutrition expert company, so we are careful to give advice on topics like this. What we can tell you is that there are many experts that do suggest that natural honey is better for you than refined sugar and chemical sweeteners. You should search the Internet or ask a qualified healthcare or nutrition experts to get the most scientific answer.
We know for sure that our honey tastes better in our green tea, oatmeals, cornflour custard, pancakes and etc.

You can see this article at for more information.

Does natural honey truly help with allergies?

We hear testimonies all the time from customers that using our natural honey has helped them with their allergies and some flu infections, but we can’t prove anything medical or scientific regarding the usage of our product to heal allergies. All we have are customers testimonies and online articles backing the claims.

Where can I buy your honey in local stores?

In order to differentiate our honey from all the other common types, we decided to take a different approach to selling our 100% natural raw wildflower honey.  You can only buy our honey product from our website. This gives you the power to hold us accountable for our product promise. We don't want to leave the experience you get from buying and using our product in the hands of some people who may not value each of our customers. We also want to make buying our honey easy for you by delivering to your doorstep.

Can I use HoneyPapa natural honey for skin treatment?

Yes of course! Our natural honey still retains 100% of its rare and highly medicinal properties. You can use it for skin treatment known to respond to organo-medicinal (Ayurvedic) treatment therapy. You can also use it for your hair treatment to enhance rapid hair growth.

What if I don't like your honey, can I get my money back?

  • Our raw wildflower honey is the best you can get at the price point we sell. We've never experienced any such case as customers don't like our raw wildflower honey. All the customers that bought from us keep coming back for more. We are sure you will like it. But in case you don't like our honey, you can keep the honey and get your money back. The only caveat is that it must be within 7 days of purchase. We run a 7 days money back and keep the product guarantee. This guarantee only covers our 75cl bottle product. So we advise you first order 1 unit of the 75cl product to try our honey. If you like it,  you can then start ordering multiple quantities or the larger product sizes.

What if I want bulk orders. How do I get in contact with you?

For bulk supplies and other business considerations, kindly use our contact page to get your enquiries across to us. We will respond to your enquiries in less than 6 hours.

You still have Questions?

We understand you may still have unanswered thoughts you want to clarify. You can use the contact page to ask us more questions you may have. We are always happy to respond to your request as soon as possible.